Monday, June 25, 2012

They Call Me Seasons

They Call Me Seasons
by bratezg

They call me Seasons

 I'm so moody blue

 A spring time dreamer with dreams

 that blossom and bloom

My expression, a winter day

Icey, quite cold

Autum eyes tell a story

... The greatest ever told

Carefree I come only to go 

 moving swiftly all the while and

They call me Seasons

The girl with a summer smile
Copyright 03131979 GildaMcPerry Aka bratezg


by bratezg

Heart similar to the foolish fly
Caught up within a web
Deception the detour sign
Disguised and you are misled
Grasping stolen moments
Memories borrowed from time
When love deceives
... It rose colors truth,
and eyes grow blind
Having a need to belong
Unable to view the forest from the trees
Deception entwines reality with a fantasy
Losing ability to decipher reasons from a lie
A victim of emotions
That allows a heart to fantasize
Entangled by the web of hunger
He is not searching for a mate
Foolish fly you are just diner On the spider’s plate.

@ copyright 111301800ISDN GildaMcPerry

The Need To Belong


When you don't belong to anyone but yourself

Life can seem so cold without a tenderness

You choose not the fate of loneliness
... yet you find yourself alone

With a dream and the need to belong
Time fills its hours with such emptiness
Your face wears a frown
but, there is a place for happiness
With the hope of tomorrow
strength is gained to survive today
Though with every minute that passes
in your eyes are tears
you can not wipe away
When friends come to visit you pretend with a smile
Laughing and you joke
but you still feel alone
even in the crowd

Not belonging to anyone but yourself

Life can feel so cold without some tenderness

You choose not the fate of loneliness
yet, you find yourself alone

With a dream
"The Need To Belong."

@ Copyright 42091974ISDN Gilda-Mc-Perry Aka bratezg


"SOMETIMES" by Bratezg

Sometimes as we feel hurt
our hearts seem to explode
can not carry the burden
sometimes pain is a heavy load
Sometimes eyes become a dam
over filling from the rain
Sometimes we must cry out
find strength to out live shame
... Happiness we try to keep up
in fear we may fall earth bound
Sometimes in masquerade
smiles will hide a frown
Given time wounds shall heal
as we find another
and the need again to belong
Though stricken with grief
Sometimes we must forget
for life does go on.

@ copyright 06201979ISDN GildaMcPerry

A Woman

by bratezg

Within a woman there may be at times feelings she does not understand and emotions she can't help but feel
There are times when she can not decider fantasy from what is real
Often thoughts she may hide for there is a need
to hold on to her pride
With ideas constantly expanding wide about they seem to turn
as if they were a tide
You may find in a woman dedication with great dete...rmination
She may show this giving no warning nor indication
Building up inside her are mental fears
Secretly you may find her bound in un-wishful tears
In her head are always bright and successful notions
that can't be kept still, for her mind is constantly in motion
In a woman there is this need to belong
a craving that may seem at times so unreal
She is only a woman and she has a need to love a man.
Copyright 03031976 Gilda McPerry Aka bratezg