Monday, June 25, 2012

A Woman

by bratezg

Within a woman there may be at times feelings she does not understand and emotions she can't help but feel
There are times when she can not decider fantasy from what is real
Often thoughts she may hide for there is a need
to hold on to her pride
With ideas constantly expanding wide about they seem to turn
as if they were a tide
You may find in a woman dedication with great dete...rmination
She may show this giving no warning nor indication
Building up inside her are mental fears
Secretly you may find her bound in un-wishful tears
In her head are always bright and successful notions
that can't be kept still, for her mind is constantly in motion
In a woman there is this need to belong
a craving that may seem at times so unreal
She is only a woman and she has a need to love a man.
Copyright 03031976 Gilda McPerry Aka bratezg

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